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Hey! I'm amanda

I help women change their families health with the plant magic of essential oils



Buried under brain fog, anxiety, poor skin, and a serious case of "FLC" - feeling like crap? 

I remember seeing other women consistently feeling great , walking about with gorgeous, illuminated skin, radiant smiles and wondering "how is she doing this!?" 

The secret to feeling great isn't what THINK it is: The latest poo-your-brains-out detox cleanse, the newest $400 skin-cream, going to barre class 7 days a week, being able to do a crazy yogi-handstand, or popping that xanax. 

It's letting go of the idea of "more" in your life, and leaning in to the idea of less - by giving your body the space it needs to heal itself,  so you're free to focus on creating a life that ACTUALLY matters to you...

And spend more time with your friends, family, and Justin Timberlake. Because, priorities.

After working as a holistic nutritionist and yoga educator for over five years - and teaching people the plant magic of essential oils in their daily lives just say: 

I've got a few tricks, tools, and essential oils up my messy bun to help you feel better (finally!) start creating the life of your dreams. 


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Hey there, I’m Amanda

And I’m so happy you’re here. Really truly madly deeply happy. These essential oils have blessed me so much I can’t help but spread the news! I started using essential oils when I began my journey over 10 years ago.  But it wasn’t until last year that I found my true passion: empowering other women to build a business online, through their love of natural solutions. This community, this team, they are some of my best friends – some of whom I’ve never been fortunate enough to meet. The internet is a beautiful place! Here we love, educate, accept and support each other through every facet of our wellness journey.

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