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Aloha & welcome

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Hey! I'm Amanda and I'm a

disrupter, yogi, holistic nutritionist, wellness advocate, leader


hi! I'm amanda


I'm so happy you're here.  Really truly madly deeply happy.

 Here you’ll find a mix of essential oils, health, + biz talk. All dished out by me – Amanda – a gal who thrives off of meditation, green juice, french fries, finding balance & cultivating community. An early to bed – early to rise kinda gal, who can sing almost every Justin Timberlake song, has BIG, lofty dreams and finds immense joy in encouraging others to fulfill theirs. These essential oils have blessed me so much I can’t help but spread the news! I started using essential oils when I began my journey over 10 years ago.  But it wasn’t until last year that I found my true passion: empowering other women to build a business online, through their love of natural solutions. This community, this team, they are some of my best friends – some of whom I’ve never been fortunate enough to meet. The internet is a beautiful place! Here we love, educate, accept and support each other through every facet of our wellness journey. So let’s drop the excuses and pity party, claim our power and create the life of our dreams.