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Build a Business? 


I believe in the power of community...

...and that people come into our lives exactly when we need them. Sharing these amazing oils brings us into a community. This tribe is a support system of like-minded people who care about what they are putting in and on their body. It allows you to link arms with people who live a proactive, health conscious lifestyle. The dōTERRA community will give you access to thousands of people who are or have been where you are at, and who will surround you with support and love as you start to incorporate dōTERRA into your daily routine.


Becoming a Wellness Advocate is perfect for you if…

  • You’re a dreamer and a doer, always setting and seeking big and beautiful goals
  • You're ready to create a high vibe, low-tox lifestyle that gives you freedom and fulfillment
  • You're inspired to collaborate with a tribe of passionate entrepreneurs and change-makers
  • You're all about dreaming up big goals for your life, because “giving it all you’ve got” is just how you roll


I dream big. What possibilities are there if I join?


Freedom is the name of the game with dōTERRA, because the possibilities really are endless!

Every vision and dream is unique, giving you complete control over what you want to create. Whether it’s a part time passion, a small business or your own freedom based empire, you decide how much wealth and impact you want to make.

To give you a sneak peek into our world, a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate part timer earns about $2,000 a month, with our full timers bringing in about $16,000.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

This graph shows a breakdown of dōTERRA average earnings as your beautiful business grows. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out, and we’ll be there to support your dream, no matter what it is!


When you join the tribe you can expect

If you opt to become a WELLNESS ADVOCATE on our team, you'll receive your Oils for 25% off retail, and have the option to earn points, plus you'll have the chance to earn commissions and grow a team. If you choose to build a team and earn commissions, you'll want to do a monthly order (LRP) which makes you eligible to earn those commissions. That monthly order is optional, but if you're building a business, it's important, and always fun to receive and try new products. You'll also get:

  • Connection and access to our private oily community
  • Resources and a private one on one new membership consult with me and my coach
  • Video chats with me, and my leaders to share ideas/mentoring
  • Our generous compensation plan
  • Weekly, biweekly or monthly mentoring calls (depending on need)

Interested in joining our team? 

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