Hey, I’m Amanda!

I Empower Women to Become the Healers of their Homes with the Gift of Essential Oils

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What Type of Wellness Adventure are You Craving? I want to…


Learn About Oils

I need help getting started with essential oils ASAP... but I have no idea where to begin. I'm honestly a little overwhelmed! Please help!

purchase oils now

I’m SO ready to start my essential oils journey. I’d love to sign up online by myself (I’m tech savvy)…just show me the way please!

start an oils business

I want to learn what it takes to start and build a successful doTERRA oils business, and want more info on if it’s right for me, and how to get started.


Who Am I to Teach You This Stuff?!

Aloha ladies! And welcome to your go to place to up-level your health, wealth, and life! I'm here to connect you to useful tips, tricks, and education about essential oils, and this big beautiful business. As a mama to be, certified holistic nutritionist + yoga educator with an affinity for essential oils and all things natural, I’m dedicated to helping you ditch the toxic bs, and find the natural solutions that give you the freedom in your body, mind, and soul that you've always craved.

I totally get life/health balance, and I want to help you get there too. So grab a cup of coffee or green juice, get comfy, and let me walk you through some of the basics…

So happy you are here!

xo Amanda


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