Amanda Nazzal | Yoga, Health, and Essential Oils Expert | Redlands, CA

My Story

It all started with a choice…

Hey you! Welcome to my home on the web. 

I have spent the majority of my life learning about the body in terms of  Yoga, Nutrition & Wellness, and I try to approach every aspect of my life in a healthy way.

I am the founder of a doTERRA leader, certified holistic nutritionist, yoga educator, and a mama to be. Here you’ll find a mix of essential oils, health, + biz talk, dished out by me -  a gal who thrives off of meditation, green juice, french fries, finding balance & cultivating community. And I'm most passionate about creating community online and regularly lead public mentoring on the topics of holistic health, business + leadership.

I believe that my journey started with a choice. A choice to walk the road less traveled. A choice to find natural solutions. A choice to get back to the earth. And that was one of the BEST choices I have ever made. I firmly believe that the best way to increase your health and impact is to LIVE IN A STATE OF GRATITUDE!  And a grateful state is accessed through empowerment which involves having the key tools + information to rock a healthy life. The main ways I connect people to this lifestyle is through essential oils. So grab a cup of tea or green juice, get comfy, and get your learning on…



The Back Story Behind My Fire

My family always had a history of disease - diabetes, heart disease, high-blood-pressure, cancer, strokes, you name it. Seeing my family struggle and going through these experiences at such a young age caused me to see how important it is to take the best care possible of my health. We've all heard the saying that "knowledge is power" and I feel it's so important that we are our own HEALTH ADVOCATES. You have to educate yourself & ask the right questions because there is always ways to be live your best life!

I spent my twenties seeking knowledge in holistic medicine and preventative health, and I always had my head buried in the latest health research. After my mom had a heart attack in 2010, and I continued with my own personal struggles around anxiety + alcohol addiction, in combination with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) I decided to expand on my health sciences background and became a certified holistic nutritionist + yoga teacher. 

So first things first - I got sober. In fact, I’m proud to say in May 2019 I will have 4 years clean and sober - this was by far the best decision I ever made for my health. It was the catalyst for all good things to come. But despite my best intentions and doing “everything right” I hit a HUGE wall with my health - The PCOS and anxiety were still bubbling and I knew I needed a different solution.

Enter - doTERRA

My life force, my saving grace. At this time I recognized I needed a drastic change in the way I approached “medicine” - so I got real with myself and I threw out all the toxic crap in my medicine cabinet, I ditched all the parabens and chemicals in my skin + hair care products, and I replaced everything with this beautiful plant medicine.

Nowadays? I’m PCOS-free, was able to get pregnant (despite years of doctors telling me it wouldn’t happen), anxiety is at an all time low, I feel incredible, and the best part? I have these tools to share with my growing family and friends.

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you'll find some inspiration within the pages here.

To Growing + Gowing together,


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