5 Tips for a Successful Home Yoga Practice

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If you've been trying to cultivate an at home yoga practice, but have ZERO idea where to start -then this blog is for you. 

I continually get asked by my students both in group classes and private sessions how they can start cultivating an at-home yoga practice. It's not as hard as it sounds! It's about creating the space, and showing up for yourself daily. Below I'll share with you my Top 5 Tips for a Successful Home Yoga Practice. 

5 Tips for a Successful Home Yoga Practice


Tip #1: Create Your Sacred Space. 

This is THE most important tip I have for you! So hear me when I say this one: create a specific space that you'll come to each day for your practice. This might look like an empty room in the house, perhaps next to your bed, maybe a corner tucked away in your living room - wherever it is, make sure it's a place where you can set out your yoga mat -- AND LEAVE IT THERE. I repeat: Leave. Your. Mat. Out. The reason this tip is so important is it doesn't give you the chance to make excuses for yourself. You don't get to look around and say "well, the house is a mess and I really have nowhere to practice". You simply leave it there. Of course - If you have little ones running around your house, or you share your space with a significant other, this can be harder than it sounds. Do this for yourself. This is your time to get quiet, so make the space. 

Tip #2: Set and commit to a schedule for your practice. 

You have to show up for yourself - make this time sacred, and dedicated to your practice. Connecting with your source (God, Universe, Glitter-babe, whatever you like to call Her) is #1. So choose a day/time that you'll commit to your practice and stick to it. Of course, you'll f*** up here and there, but it's okay! It's about practice, not perfection. Keep showing up no matter what. 

Tip #3: Take the time to sit, and be still. 

Okay, so now you're on your mat. Take time at the beginning and end of your practice for meditation - to sit and be still with what is. It can be very easy when practicing at home to fling yourself right into a vinyasa, thinking you need to "get it in" before your kid wakes up or your roommate comes in and starts playing Britney Spears on 100. This quiet time is KEY - even if it's the only thing you do on your mat, make the time and space for it - and it will reward you.

Tip #4: Close out distractions. 

Speaking of children running around and roommates blasting B.Spears (Don'tchu knooow that your toxxiiiiiic!) It's important to close out as many distractions as possible. Now hear me - in life we will not always be able to cultivate such peace and quiet, but as we dive into a home-based yoga practice it's important to set yourself up for success, and being able to have TRUE quiet time to yourself will help you be successful to start. So if that means you schedule your time when your hubby is out golfing with his buddies, great. Or maybe you schedule your time when your baby is napping. Do what it takes to set yourself up for success in creating this new habit that is your home yoga practice. 

Tip #5: Rinse + repeat.  

Just keep showing up, day in and day out. Show up when you forget the day before. Show up when you don't feel like it. Show up when your roommate is being loud. Show up for yourelf - it'll feel good, I promise. 

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