The Easy Way to Buy doTERRA Essential Oils

The Easy Way to Buy doTERRA Oils | How to Buy Essential Oils | Highest Quality Essential Oils | Best Essential Oils Company | How to Get Started with doTERRA |

Aloha, and Welcome! Since you're reading this blog right now I know you're wanting to get some essential oils in your life - so congratulations on taking this huge step to detoxify your and your families life! 

I know that the process of choosing an essential oils company isn't easy. So if you're wanting to learn more about doTERRA before jumping in, I recommend you check out this page  - Top 10 Reasons to Choose doTERRA. 

For those of you who are ready to dive on in and get these oils today, continue reading. 

Let me be Your Oil Concierge!

Making an investment that is big or small, for personal use or for starting your own oil business can be intimidating. Heck, I know it was for me! This is exactly why I am so committed to you and your oil journey. If signing up for yourself online via computer or smartphone sounds scary to you, then shoot me a quick message and I would be happy to help you!


How to Buy doTERRA Essential Oils

My best piece of advice when you join the essential oil world is to get yourself a wholesale membership. This way, you get the most bang for your buck. Let me share with you how simple it is...even if you are a total newbie like I was when I got my wholesale membership. (To be totally honest with you, I only signed up for a wholesale account because I wanted to save money! Ha! I had not idea it would turn into a way to provide for my family!)


Step-by-Step Instructions or How to Buy doTERRA Essential Oils


1. Click HERE to go to my account. (My account will help you create your own account.) This should take you to the "Join & Save" page.

2. Review the Wellness Advocate and Wholesale Customer benefits. Notice that you get more benefits as a Wellness Advocate. Both options will ask you to invest in a ONE TIME $35 fee. They are the same price, but again, you get more perks as a Wellness Advocate. Click the green "Join doTERRA" button on the bottom right of the screen. 

3. Pick your language and country. 

4. Select which type of account you'd like to have. Choose Wholesale Customer if your main goal is to purchase oils for personal use only. Choose Wellness Advocate if you think you may want to share oils with your loved ones. As a Wellness Advocate, you'll be partnering with me in my business and you'll have access to tons of team perks and education. (You can learn more about those perks HERE.) 

5. Fill in the personal details of your account. The Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes should already be filled in for you with my account number if you’ve logged in correctly. If not, enter 5650074 so that I can see when you join my team and be ready to support you!

6. Place your first order! If you are only in the market for the wholesale membership, select the Introductory Packet for $35. OR! You can pick an enrollment kit to have your wholesale fee waived (!!!) and get your oils at the deepest discount available. Seems like an easy choice to me. 


What is the BEST Enrollment Kit for Beginners?

Take a look at the Natural Solutions kit. I love that it comes with a diffuser (such an easy way to get started!) as well as the top ten essential oils. It's $100 in free product credit and $150 in free product. Such a deep discount!


Take note that the bigger you go with the kits, the more savings and free stuff you get!

7. Last but not least, set up your optional Loyalty Rewards Program. Think of this like a frequent diner card at your favorite restaurant. It will save you A TON of money. You will get a free product every month and product credit points which gets you free stuff! And everyone loves freebies, right?!

Click the button below to buy doTERRA Essential Oils NOW and follow the directions above.


"I'm not tech savvy, I need your help!"

I totally understand. Sometimes the backend of the doTERRA site is intimidating. Click here to contact me - we'll be on the phone ASAP and I'll help get you started.