My Simple System for Organizing my doTERRA Prospects - Using Trello!

MLM Prospect Workflow | doTERRA Client Workflow with Trello |

When it comes to staying organized in business, sometimes things can feel overwhelming. Whether you're just getting started in your doTERRA business, or you're a seasoned vet - staying organized can be a pain-in-the-you-know-what. 

And so this blog post is dedicated to sharing my simple approach to organizing my potential doTERRA prospects with the magic of TRELLO. **Please note, that if you're stumbling upon this blog and you're a part of another MLM/Direct-selling business, this can be a great model for you as well. 

When I first got started with doTERRA I admittedly didn't have very many contacts, so just writing things down on a piece of paper was enough. However, as my business continues to grow it's become ever-so important for me to begin implementing systems in my business that are easy to understand, and duplicatable for those on my downline. 

I believe this is a FULLY duplicatable and awesome process for which to keep your doTERRRA contacts organized using the magic of Trello. 

So without further ado, lets dive on in! 

Step 1: Sign- up for Trello

**Note, I am not an affiliate, by any means - I simply find this tool incredibly useful, and I think you will too. So head on over to and get yourself an account! It's that simple. 


Step 2: Create a board called doTERRA Client Workflow

Of course, you can name the board whatever you like, just make sure it's something relevant so that when you see it you'll know right where to get started.

Step 3: Within the board, create different sections (also known as "lists") to keep your workflow organized.

The lists I created are:

  • Contact Name

  • Responded/Followed Up

  • Mailed Samples

  • Final Call Scheduled/Followed Up

  • Wellness Advocate/Wholesale

Feel free to create any other lists that feel relevant to you/your workflow!

Step 4: Add individual name card's within each list

Within each list are what's called "Cards" in Trello. I will create individual cards with each contact's name - and write where I met this person and the date we began contact. That way I always have a reference point to refer back to. Sometimes I'll also write other information: like any pain points they may have listed, including health and wellness goals or specific oils they mentioned that they liked. 

Step 5: Drag and drop the card to the next list as you continue through the Workflow

As you continue your conversations with your prospects/clients, you can drag and drop their personal name card into the next list - so that you continue to know where in the process you currently reside.


Step 6: Tag the person either "Wholesale" or "Wellness Advocate"

What I typically like to do is go in at the end of my workflow and write whether or not they became a Wellness Advocate or a Wholesale customer, and will choose a color to go with each. You can choose the color by clicking on the name tag, and the list of colors will pop up for you to choose from!

Step 7: Voila! You're done! Now all of your doTERRA Contacts can stay organized and in the flow.