My doTERRA Journey


It all started when…

Let's rewind. A handful of years ago I was living in Santa Cruz, teaching yoga, and barely getting by. I was living a happy, normal life, but deep down I had this nagging feeling. You know, that feeling when everything is just… fine, but something wasn’t quite right. Healthwise, I just felt off. But I ignored it. I was fine. Everything was fine.

But it didn’t go away. It took me a couple years to go to the doctor and see what was really going on. (Way too long, I know!) After many appointments and more tests than I could count, I was diagnosed with PCOS, anxiety, depression.

When I heard this, my thoughts and emotions were ALL over the place. I felt completely out of control. Despite my best intentions, I was living a lifestyle that was toxic for my health issues, and putting my body through hell.  I knew that I needed to change my life, but I guess I wasn’t quite ready yet. I kept eating like crap, drinking too much, thinking negative thoughts, and putting toxic chemicals in (and on) my body.


This continued for a couple more years until I hit my “rock bottom”. I had gained 30+ pounds, and had so much anxiety that I couldn’t drive or go shopping, and was constantly turning to the bottle to find some semblance of relief. Finally, I’d had enough. I got sober, started eating better, taking care of myself through yoga and meditation, and that’s when things really started to shift for me…

I decided to take a holistic nutrition certification program where I started learning about pharmaceuticals and toxic chemicals in our home environments. As a newly sober woman, I began to do research about ways I could take care of my body without turning to traditional over-the-counter or prescription drugs. I looked everywhere, and it seemed like even the “green” or “eco-friendly” products on the shelf still had weird unrecognizable ingredients. I was frustrated and out of things to try. Then, I met Elena.


Elena. Beautiful Elena. Radiant, successful, well-known in the yoga-industry, Elena. To me, she was a superstar, and after successfully stalking her Instagram for about a year, I saw a post sharing about lavender essential oil for anxiety. That just put me over the edge. I had to reach out.

We are both so happy that I did. I listened as she told me her story about how the oils have changed her life. Still, I had some resistance. I started saying things like “It’s Multi-level-marketing. it’s just a Ponzi scheme.” Elena responded with, “Just try the oils. What do you have to lose?” She was right. So I did.


For me, essentials oils were a game-changer. I’ve been able to detoxify my home and manage my PCOS, anxiety, and depression. No more pills and toxic chemicals over here, baby!

If you're interested to learn more about the oils, or yoga, or just want to chat more about holistic living click here to get in touch. I'm happy to chat with you about your health and wellness goals.


xo Amanda