Why You Should NEVER Buy doTERRA Essential Oils on Amazon!

Why You Should Never Buy doTERRA Oils on Amazon | AmandaNazzal.com

I want to answer a question that I get from time to time when people first reach out to me about oils…

“I can buy doTERRA oils off of Amazon, why should I sign up and order them from a rep?”
Listen, I get it. I “Prime” practically daily. As a busy gal and entrepreneur Prime is a God Send, just add to my cart and it is at my door in two days flat and free shipping. YES please!
But let me break it down for you why Priming your oils (or any supplements for that matter)should be a big fat NO.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Buy doTERRA Essential Oils on Amazon!

1. You get what you pay for.

The essential oil industry as a whole is growing, and we are growing FAST. With any significant growth in an industry you are going to have people who only see dollar signs and want to capitalize on the want and need of the consumer. They will pursue this at any cost.

The little sealed caps that come on our bottles can be purchased through any oil supply company for pennies. It is very easy to take off the cap/ring and either dilute or replace the oil with a cheaper brand and then put on a new cap and seal and sell it for profit. Amazon has very little control over quality.

Why You Should Never Buy doTERRA Oils on Amazon | AmandaNazzal.com | Amanda Nazzal doTERRA Wellness Advocate Redlands, cA

2. It’s fraudulent.

As of March 31, 2016 there are no authorized doTERRA sellers on Amazon. This means that anytime you see a seller on Amazon with “doTERRA” oils that they are unauthorized by the company. There are a couple of issues here. Firstly, there’s no quality control. Since there is a middle man there is no way to tell what’s really in those beautiful little bottles. Often times these oils are diluted and tampered with. No thanks!

3. When You Sign Up Through Me - You Get Ultimate Support.

There’s a lot to learn when you get started with essential oils. It is ideal to get started within community and with support so you can use them safely and correctly. The community we provide is INVALUABLE!

When you are a member on our team you will have our support as your upline, our amazing private Facebook group, lists of resources, free education from the company itself and more. When you buy from Amazon you get none of that. Plus supporting someone you know with your business is just a lot more fun!

This is what it all boils down to for me. I wanted to use oils to help support my family’s wellness. I wanted to use the oils to help heal. I never wanted to question the purity or safety of my oils. I wanted to have the company backing my purchases, NOT AmazonOilsJane.

Plus I get 25% off retail, FREE oils every month AND 30% back on each purchase I make. 55% off just because I am a loyal wholesale customer. #takeTHATamazon