Let me ask you a question

Have you ever dreamed of…

  • Doing work that fills you with purpose?

  • Having financial freedom and managing your own schedule?

  • Receiving ongoing coaching & development through your experience?

  • Aligning yourself with conscious enterprise?

  • Living your dream life?


All that and more is possible when you decide to build your dōTERRA Business

I can tell you from personal experience that the power of this community is truly incredible. This tribe is a support system of like-minded people who care about what they are putting in and on their body. It allows you to link arms with people who live a proactive, health conscious lifestyle. The dōTERRA community will give you access to thousands of people who are or have been where you are at, and who will surround you with support and love as you start to incorporate dōTERRA into your daily routine.


Joining Our dōTERRA Team

is Perfect for You if...

  • You're creative, open minded and enthusiastic.

  • You’re a dreamer and a doer, always setting and seeking big and beautiful goals

  • You're looking for an opportunity to shine and use your skills.

  • You are Passionate about health, wealth and natural living.

  • You are willing to consistently work towards your goals.

  • You are Excited by the thought of doing something new every day.

  • Inspired and energized by change (i.e. you are adaptable!).

  • A lifetime learner who’s always keen to make your mind bigger (or someone committed to being that)

  • You are Not looking for someone to fix you. You’re ready to do the work.

  • A scrappy, no excuses, give-it-all-you-got kinda gal!

  • Looking for a better way to “do life”.


"I dream big.

What are the possibilities if I join?"

Freedom is the name of the game with dōTERRA, because the possibilities really are endless!

Every vision and dream is unique, giving you complete control over what you want to create. Whether it’s a part time passion, a small business or your own freedom based empire, you decide how much wealth and impact you want to make.

To give you a sneak peek into our world, a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate part timer earns about $2,000 a month, with our full timers bringing in about $16,000.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

This graph shows a breakdown of dōTERRA average earnings as your beautiful business grows. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out, and we’ll be there to support your dream, no matter what it is!

Amanda Nazzal | Yoga, Health, + Essential Oils Expert | Redlands, CA | How to Use Essential Oils, How to Buy doTERRA Essential Oils | How to Get Started with doTERRA | How to Use Essential Oils | How to Become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, How to Make Money with Essential Oils, Make Money from Home, How to Make Residual Income, doTERRA Compensation Plan

When you join our tribe you can expect:

If you opt to become a WELLNESS ADVOCATE on our team, you'll receive your Oils for 25% off retail, and have the option to earn points, plus you'll have the chance to earn commissions and grow a team. If you choose to build a team and earn commissions, you'll want to do a monthly order (LRP) which makes you eligible to earn those commissions. That monthly order is optional, but if you're building a business, it's important, and always fun to receive and try new products. You'll also get:

  • Connection and access to our private oily community

  • Resources and a private one on one new membership consult with me and my coach

  • Video chats with me, and my leaders to share ideas/mentoring

  • Our generous compensation plan

  • Weekly, biweekly or monthly mentoring calls (depending on need)

Amanda Nazzal Yoga, Health, and Wellness Expert| Essential Oils for Beginners | How to Buy doTERRA Essential Oils, How to Become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, How to Make Money with doTERRA, Redlands, CA


+ Why should I join this team?

Our team rewards our team Wellness Advocates with a great commission structure and special bonuses unique only to us. While participating in the incentive program there is never any requirement to maintain a minimum monthly order- which would normally be required of any DOTERRA representative who wishes to be paid. You get paid for sharing and selling. That's it!

+ Is this a sales job?

Yes! This is for those of you who are interested in sharing about the power of doTERRA Essential Oils and are not shy about earning money by working directly with customers who will buy from you. We don’t want anyone to have a bad experience with us just because they didn't know what they were going to be doing ahead of time. But if you love talking with people, are friendly and outgoing, not afraid to ask for a sale etc. then this might be for you!

+ Do I need sales experience?

No ma'am. You don’t need any experience, you just need a positive outlook, great networking skills, and a willingness to learn.

+ So how does this work?

1) Enroll for a 35$ fee or purchase an enrollment kit. 2) Share. 3) Receive your check!

+ What do I gain by becoming a member?

So much! For starters, you get 25% off of retail pricing. You are also able to earn free products through our Loyalty Reward Program. Every month dōTERRA offers a free product of the month, and several times per year they offer huge product promotions. You also earn 100% of your shipping costs back through loyalty rewards and 10-30% back in product points to spend how you choose. When you join my team, you get access to our exclusive Facebook team group, you are included in tons of team only giveaways, and you get non-stop training and support.

+ What is personal volume again?

Personal Volume is what doTERRA measure their sales in. It's a point system and is usually equivalent to about $1.00. Some items may be sold for a dollar amount which is different than the Personal Volume. Our reps get paid a commission based off of the PV of an item as you can see in the next answer.

+ Is there a monthly order minimum?

Not technically. However, as a Wellness Advocate you need 100 PV order to earn your commissions. The idea behind this is simple: you cannot share something you know nothing about. This is intended for you to experience the oils for yourself first hand, so you can share more powerfully and have a bigger impact.

+ What exactly is LRP again?

Think of LRP like your freqent flyer miles. Here's some of the many benefits of LRP:

  • Like Frequent Flyer Programs, you earn free product credits up to 30% back on every order (purchases over 50 PV) that you can spend like cash for free products (Personal Volume, 1PV = about $1)
  • Receive wholesale pricing, a savings of 25% Plus…
  • Receive an additional 10-30% back in FREE product credits
  • SHIPPING REWARDS PROGRAM! Earn your shipping back in free product points for placing online LRP orders. Who doesn't love free product!
  • Opportunity to Earn the FREE Product of the Month (with 125 PV order by the 15th of each month)
  • Qualify to earn compensation
  • Easy monthly automatic order ~ Products can be edited, added, or removed each month up until midnight the night before your shipping date
  • LRP orders can be set to ship any day between the 1st and the 28th of the month

  • How long is this position for?

You can continue to share doTERRA as long as you'd like! Keep in mind - this is YOUR business. So it's up to you to step up to the plate.

+ What is the compensation plan?

Click this link right here to find out more about our incredible comp plan!

+ Where do you accept wellness advocates from?

We are located in Redlands, CA but will work with anyone, anywhere! Often many of those we hire are entrepreneurial moms, hard working college students, business owners, etc. It's pretty much anyone looking to make extra income by sharing about doTERRA! We can do any training or communicating virtually so whether you’re in California, Australia, New York, or Florida, we’d love to speak with you!

+ Can I apply if I'm already enrolled in doTERRA?

We love anyone who loves essential oils and health. However, if you are already enrolled in Doterra we won't be able to have you join us. Sorry!


Apply to Work with Me 

Now you know what is involved in this big, beautiful business, I’d love to connect with you to see if it’s the right fit. I am looking to invest my time, resources and energy into the right person and have some very limited spots available right now to work one on one and help you launch your business.

Please fill in the form below to apply to work with me. I receive many inquiries and do my best to respond within 24-48 hours.

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Starting your doTERRA business requires some up-front cost for your essential oil enrollment kit (see options here - link will open in a new window, not direct you away from this form) and some business supplies - sample vials, business cards, product catalogs, teaching supplies, etc. It is possible to get started for as low as $150 and build up your materials over time, but there are advantages to being able to make an up-front investment for a strong start. How much do you have to invest? *
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