my fave oils

& why I love them!


lavendEr - FOR anxiety + sleep*

Main benefits: skin soothing, reduces anxiety*, helps with sleep*

My experience is that lavender oil is a game-changer when it comes to anxiety. I've had anxiety since I was 16, and using lavender daily (combined with yoga and meditation) helps to ground me and get back to center.


elevation - to lift your mood

Main benefits: Elevates mood and increases vitality

When you need a natural pick-me-up, Elevation in the solution. If I'm ever feeling down in the dumps, this is my go-to oil blend. It also smells delightful if worn as a perfume!


CITRUS BLISS - to boost your mood + CLEANSE your space

Main benefits: uplifting mood, cleanses and purifies the air

If you haven't noticed a trend with me, I lean towards the oils that help with mood!  And this blend is a great way to give me that much needed mood boost! Plus is smells like it's description - pure bliss!


clarycalm - monthly blend for women

Main benefits: balances mood, emotions, soothing effect during menstrual cycle

I suffer from PCOS (you can read more about my PCOS journey here ) and this blend helps me deal with cramps, balancing my hormones, and again, balancing that moodiness!


yoga collection - align, anchor + arise

Helps with: grounding, centering, openeness + receptivity

This one is for all my yogi's out there! If you're looking for a way to ground - Anchor is the way. Align? This centering blend helps you to trust in yourself and stay open to all possibilities. doTERRA Arise Enlightening blend supports your stability as well as your freedom. 


lavender (+ more) - addiction recovery

For those new to my website or my works, I'm in active recovery from addiction. How can essential oils help with something like addiction? Well, the premise of aromatherapy/essential enable us to gain access to stored, forgotten memories and suppressed emotions so that we can acknowledge, integrate and/or release them. Click below to learn more about oils for addiction/recovery.


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